Labrador Retriever Personal Checks

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Known before as the Lesser Newfoundland and today as the Labrador Retriever this, gun dog is the world’s most popular dog breed; this dog breed id popular not only as a household pet but as dog of assistance too because of its many abilities and its intelligence. Labrador Retrievers have a great temperament striking a good balance between their being territorial and being friendly. This is one of the biggest reasons why many families choose Labs (as they are fondly called) for pets. Labs also have a reputation for being very gentle and mellow which is rare in many dog breeds. With such wonderful characteristics to them its no wonder that many have fallen in love with these dogs. If you would like to be reminded of this great dog all the time, then Labrador Retriever Personal Checks are the perfect thing for you. Every time you open your checkbook you will be welcomed with the sight of two happy Labrador pups. Beside this you will also find a black Labrador Retriever where your name and address are located. With the full color printing on high quality paper you are sure to enjoy these illustrations every time you write a check.