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Bred originally to help out with coursing and gaming Greyhounds have come a long way as they have now become pedigree dogs. Greyhounds usually stand tall with their long legs and thin bodies that make it easier for them to run at a fast pace. Contrary to their physical build, greyhounds are not generally high-energy dogs and donít require a whole lot of exercise. Despite their appearance these dogs are quite affectionate and gentle in nature. These dogs make great pets and are obedient to owners, recognizing them as their leader. They are friendly with strangers and do not bark much making them great household pets. If youíre thinking about getting a greyhound or already have one, you can take your pet along with you wherever you go. This is made possible with Greyhound Personal Checks. These checks come in five designs that make use of actual photographs of greyhounds so you can be sure that you are getting every detail of these great breed of dogs. All photographs and designs are printed out in full color to make your checks even more realistic. Quality is also assured with every check that you have since each one is printed on high quality paper.