Cavalier King Charles Personal Checks

Cavalier King Charles Checks

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The Cavalier king Charles may be the largest toy dog breed there is but, but it is also the smallest of the toy dogs. Patient and affectionate the Cavalier king Charles is a great companion for children and other dogs. Considered a lap dog, this silky wire haired dog is often seen with round eyes and a small nose that gives it a look of endearment. No one can resist those soulful eyes that look straight into yours as if to say take me home with you. You can do exactly that when you make use of Cavalier King Charles Personal Checks. You can have this sweet little dog with you wherever you go just as long as you have your checkbook. Look at its sweet eyes string at you whenever you write a check. The full color picture placed on every check shows a gentle puppy on its belly with its paws about its face. Its brown and white fur is complimented by a soft beige background and an almost transparent border. Printed on high quality paper you will be enjoying this wonderful picture on your checks for a long time. All checks come with the standard features such as your name and address.