Basset Hound Personal Checks

Basset Hound Checks

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Nothing says puppy dog eyes more than a basset hound! If you have a penchant for dogs, then the Basset Hound Personal Checks are certainly perfect for you. Look into those soulful eyes every time that you write a check. Pick from one of four designs that will all be sure to melt your heart when you see them. Each of one of these four designs that you can choose from features a basset hound in the middle of the check looking right at you. Have it standing and looking straight at you or looking up; you can also have it lying on its paw with its head bent either to the left or to the right. Whichever design you choose you’re sure to be falling in love with this large but gentle dog whenever you open your check book. All checks come with standard check details such as your name, address and financial institution’s name. You can also be sure that you will be enjoying your Basset Hound Personal Checks for a long time to come since it will stay as nice as it looks from the day you get it thanks to the full color printing for each check.